Imrie Consulting Ltd

Imrie Consulting Ltd

An independant consultancy providing consultation services in the fields of:


Farm crops, horticulture, post-harvest spoilage and losses, crop storage and transportation.


Transportation and storage of all types of foods, both prepared and ingredients. Temperature controlled storage. Frozen foods. Fruit & vegetables. Meat. Fish. Sugar. Cereals. Molasses.

Market Studies

European and UK food markets. Structure and value of wholesale and retail markets.

Expert Witness

Experienced for past 15 years in acting as expert witness in UK and overseas courts and arbitrations. Members of Society of Expert Witnesses and The Law Society Directory of Expert Witnesses. Oral and written evidence.



Frazer K.E. Imrie, B.Sc (1st Class Hons)

Fellow Institute of Biology,

Chartered Biologist,

Fellow Institute of Food Science and Technology.


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