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Frazer Imrie is a private consultant specialising in forensic aspects of damage to fruit and vegetables. In particular he has specialist knowledge of the European potato industry and frequently appears as an expert witness in disputes about potato quality.

Frazer Imrie is also a Director of CWA Consultants Ltd. where he is Head of the Food Department providing a comprehensive service in the investigation of incidents, claims assesment and expert advice for litigation and loss prevention. He has an international reputation in food technology with particular reference to temperature-controlled storage and transportation, and to the carriage of bulk dry commodities.

He has more than 25 years experience in the UK food industry where he reached a position at senior board level in a major international food company. For the past 22 years he has been a food consultant.

Frazer is an expert in forensic biology and specialises in preparing technical cases for litigation. He lectures regularly to law firms and insurance companies around the world on food cargoes. He has also worked extensively for various international agencies such as FAO, WHO and UNESCO. He is the auther of some 30 research papers and chapters in three books. A detailed list of these is available on request. Frazer is currently a member of several UK consumer panels.


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